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[神經科學][跨領域] 台灣跨校跨領域合作 發展神經科學人才培育

[神經科學][跨領域] 台灣跨校跨領域合作 發展神經科學人才培育




政大校園新聞 2009/03/24

[Neuroscience][Cross-Disciplinary] Cross-Institute and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, Taiwan Accelerates the Development and the Talent Cultivation of Neuroscience

Cross-disciplinary research mathod is quite trendy in neuroscience. In order to cultivate the cross-field young researchers in neuroscience, the Chair of the Dept. of Psychology, National Chengchi University, Professor Nai-Shing Yen and her associate Assistant Professor Je-Li Tsai conduct the “Cross-Disciplinary Talent in Neuroscience Cultivation Project ”(tran. temp.) , which is sponsored by NSC with the budget of NT 38 million for three years.

The neuroscientific project has just been approved these days. It will mainly be conducted by the Dept. of Psychology, NCCU. The project covers two major fields: humanities and social sciences, and natural sciences. Coordinated by Academician Dr. Ovid J.L. Tzeng, Academia Sinica, a cross-institute research team is formed, whose participants come from Natioanl Central Univeristy, National Yang-Ming University and Academa Sinica, too.

Neuroscientists have obtained some findings about the brain, and these findings could re-oreient other research fields. Combining neuroscience with other fields such as social sciences has become a fashion in the advanced countries. Although Taiwan has followed up the trend, the main foucs still inclines toward cognitive neuroscience, not yet well coordinated with sociology, economics, philosophy, ethics and education etc. By supporting the“Cross-Disciplinary Talent in Neuroscience Cultivation Project ,” NSC wish to broaden the scope of neuroscience in Taiwan and cultivate fine researchers inspired with humanities.

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